For any problems/bugs/suggestions please send us a mail to Before sending us a mail please check the FAQ.


- I have problems to connect in multiplayer
Check if your computer firewall is not blocking your game client/sever to run. Please notice House Racers is only designed to run in LAN. The used port for server/client is 55513.

- I have visual problems
Please update your video card drivers and be sure is DirectX 9.0c compatible. Also, check if you have latest DirectX drivers installed or you can download it from

- My license is invalid
If you have problems entering the license manually please try to copy & paste it with out any spaces or line endings. If you still have problems please send us a mail with your order ID at


- My favorite station is not in the list
Please use our feedback form to submit new stations. Once a new station is submitted we make the update in stations list, to can be downloaded on your device/app.

- My favorite station do not work
Please understand that we are not responsible for any radio station. Some stations changes servers or have connection problems or anything can happen. Please use the feedback form to report any not working stations or problems. If you are a station operator, please notify us after you have changed the station address in our update files.