Friday, March 22, 2013

Gemstone Quest

New adventure awaits!! Enter in a fantasy world, explore and discover its stories and mysteries!

We have the pleasure to announce our new game project Gemstone Quest, a high fantasy MMORPG.

The game idea started long time ago and we decided to show it and develop the game. The game contains fantasy elements inspired from Tolkien writings (and not only). We licensed Hero Cloud Engine special for this game.

We plan to release the game as a buy to play game, without a monthly fee to play it.

Besides many of today MMORPG features we plan to offer some unique features to players:

- Full hero customization
You have full control over your character stats.
The gear you will find in your adventures, besides visual appearance, will not have any stats. Depending on gear quality, you will have a number of sockets to put stat gems in. You can customize your character as you like. As you advance into the world, you will find better and better gems for your gear.

- Crafting professions skills
Once you’ve learn a crafting skill, you are able to use it for creating any item as long as you have the right materials and… the right plans!

Huge seamless world for an epic adventure! We want to make all the game content accessible to solo players. We don’t want to force players to party, but parties will offer certain advantages. We plan to use the individual loot system. Everyone in party will have his loot.

We are not making any balance to classes for PVP. You do! Besides world PVP there will be special battlegrounds.

More updates will come soon!


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