Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Submit Radio Station

Please help us to select best radio stations for our applications. Please send stable/quality radio station what you would like to see in our applications and we will check them.

Money Convert Android Update 1.3

We just updated Money Convert to version 1.3 and should be now available wold wide in Google Play.

Please let us know any problems and suggestions you have!

Android app on Google Play 


Money Convert

 Money Convert is a simple application to convert Euro to/from US Dollar. Optionally you can setup a third local currency.

Android version

Android app on Google Play

iPhone/iPad version

Blackberry Playbook


Thursday, July 26, 2012

We move.. again!

That's right! We use Google Apps from now!

In next few days we will rebuild the website and we expect to be full remade/updated on 1 August.

Why we are moving? To many reasons. Google provide us the right tools for what we need right now.

Stay tuned!